The vision behind the three nations DTS is for people in the Caribbean to enter into deep relationship with Jesus and catch His heart for missions in these nations and the rest of world.
We also are excited to be connecting with the Caribbean Prayer Rooms (CPR) in Barbados and Guyana to be with Jesus in prayer and worship throughout this school as a foundation for ministry.
In 3 months of outreach you will experience God working in three nations and multiple cultures as you bring the Kingdom in the schools of Barbados or in the interior of Guyana or in the islands of the Grenadines. Come and join us to connect with God’s heart for missions in the Caribbean!
We will begin our school in beautiful Barbados with 7 weeks of teaching and training on campus followed by a 4 day intensive outreach doing ministry around the island.
All of your DTS staff will then travel with you to adventurous Guyana (South America). There you will spend 6 weeks learning on campus and another 4 day intensive outreach doing hands-on ministry in Guyana.
youth with a mission st Vincent and the Grenadines
The final part of the adventure is our outreach phase which will be held in St. Vincent and the Grenadines where we will travel to Mayreau, a small island part of St. Vincent and the Grenadines only reached by boat as well as our mainland to share Gods Love.
The cost for the 3 Nations DTS:2020-03-03T12:16:28-07:00

There are significant discounts available for students from developing nations.

Our multi-tiered cost system reflects the nations’ economy.

We want to make DTS available for everyone. See below the cost for A, B and C nations. Click here to see which category your country falls under.

“A” Nations – $5,500 USD

Barbados – $3,000 USD

“B” Nations – $2,000 USD

St. Vincent – $1,450 USD

“C” Nations – $1,450 USD

Guyana – $1,000 USD

Please budget an additional $1000 USD for airfare expenses during outreach

Estimate does not include airfare to and from Barbados

**Please don’t hesitate to write us an e-mail to training@ywambarbados.org if you have questions. Or contact us on facebook messenger HERE

Additional Details2020-03-03T12:04:48-07:00

• All cost amounts are in USD (United States)

• All costs must be paid upon arrival

• Covers housing, meals, utilities, school materials, school & ministry transportation

• Does not include airfare to/from your home nation to the school

Also please be prepared to bring/provide: A Bible, Notebook, Pens/Pencils, any personal items such as snacks, toiletries, suitable clothing, and laundry detergent

Why the cost differences between Nations? We want to make the DTS affordable to everyone! Our multi-tiered cost system reflects the nations’s economy.

Refund Policy:
Policies for termination or early student withdrawal due to extenuating circumstances, such as death in the family are as follows:
Prior to the first class session 100%
During the first week of classes 95%
During the second week of classes 85%
During the third week of classes 70%
During the fourth week of classes 60%
During the fifth week of classes 50%
Beyond the sixth week of classes 0%

How old do I have to be to do a DTS?2020-03-03T12:05:48-07:00

Applicants must have graduated high school and be at least 17 years old with a teachable attitude and have a love for God and a passion to share God’s love with others. That’s it! We would be thrilled to have you join us!

What does the school schedule look like?2020-03-03T12:07:35-07:00

DTS starts in Barbados

September 9 – October 7 – Classroom

October 8 – November 2 – Barbados Outreach


November 3 – November 25 – Classroom

November 26 – December 21 – Guyana Outreach

Christmas Break (in Barbados)

December 22 – 29

Mayreau Island ( St. Vincent and the Grenadines – SVG)

December 30 – February 3 – Classroom

February 4 – February 24 – SVG Outreach

Debriefing Week & Graduation

February 25 – March 1


    PO Box 98

    Kingstown, VCO100

    St. Vincent and the Grenadines

  • USA: 717-201-4425

    SVG: 1-784-493-1028

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