We recently erected our MainSail Hall Roof, which will function as our main gathering area for all of our activities.  It was God moment after God moment working to complete our roof.  We managed to get our roof manufactured, shipped, received, moved on site and put up in less than 4 months.  We are so thankful for our local help on Mayreau which included over 15 men who helped immensely as well as a Verol Nichols from St. Vincent who arranged a small 25 foot flat bed crane truck with an operator.  We also had a few volunteers from Pennsylvania who came down from 1 to 3 weeks.  We are hoping to have the entire MainSail Hall complete by March 2019.

This past summer we also partnered with one of our local congregations on Mayreau with their children’s camp.  There were over 30 children who attended.  We were so proud of some of our local believers who stepped up to make the camp a success.  There was lots of laughter and good vibes that impacted the environment, it was evident because you could read joy all over the faces of each of the children who came.

Now we are working hard in preparation for our Banquet being held at Shady Maple in Lancaster PA on November 8.  We are hoping to take a huge chunk out of our capital campaign of $150,000 to finish our first phase of Construction of our YWAM Campus on Mayreau.  If your interested in coming please contact us by e-mail at jcrills@ywamsvg.org.