So we are a YWAM base smack dab in the middle of a beautiful Grenadine Island that neighbors our 300 person village.  We are committed to invest into the hearts and lives of our neighbors and below are a few of the ways that we like to pour into our community.  
This is our weekly children’s ministry that runs on Wednesday afternoons for an hour that includes a Bible based teaching, activity time and snack.  We regularly have 20-25 of our island children come to attend.
This started out of the idea of mercy ministries that YWAM envelopes and it consists of practical projects, mostly construction oriented, that help a person or family in our community.  We also regularly help get food to a few individuals in our community.
Our island has one primary school with roughly 45 students that attend and we have been invited to help in the school with devotions, Physical Education and music.  
One of the best ways to gather youth and young adults on the island is to run a sports camp or a regular weekly training with the help of locals where we can teach much more than just basketball or soccer but about discipline and good character.

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