Youth With A Mission Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is a Christian missions organization in SVG that exists to see Vincentian youth thrive and empowering them to bring transformation to the islands and nations.  We are apart of the larger international missions movement called Youth With A Mission.
At YWAM SVG we work hard to see youth empowered through the message of hope in Jesus Christ by partnering with local ministries, running our own campus ministries, as well as running our transformational youth camps for local, schools, clubs and churches throughout the year.
Youth With A Mission began in 2008 as an official recognized charity in SVG but the legacy that was handed to us from a local family is more than a century old desire to see the lost come to know Jesus and to see children and youth educated.  
Saint Vincent and the grenadines is a small island nation in the caribbean with roughly 120,000 people.  About 15% of the population lives in the “Grenadines” which are a few smaller islands south of “mainland St. Vincent”.  Mayreau, one of the smallest Grenadine islands was inherited by the Eustace family and they decided that there legacy of discipling young people and pioneering free education in the nation should involve the land in Mayreau.  In 2008, 42 acres of land was given to Youth With A Mission to develop a youth camp that would host local groups of youth from schools and churches and present the message of Jesus in a digestible way to this generation.
In 2010 the pioneering team moved to Mayreau to integrate themselves in the community and learn the culture of the Grenadines with much help from the strong supportive local and international board.  They also were commissioned to start the construction of the campus that would eventually hold 120 people at one time.
Over the last 8 years we have seen many youth form Saint Vincent come down from schools, churches and clubs and enjoy the beauty of Mayreau and the YWAM Campus and give their lives to King Jesus.  We have ran 2 Discipleship Training Schools and have worked very closely with the youth of Mayreau with weekly ministries. We are roughly ⅓ of the way with our construction with our 7th building being built as of 2018 with the help from many different churches locally and internationally. 
We are believing and fighting to see the youth culture in SVG become a place of life and fruit as the Kingdom of God advances as we continue to develop our campus and ministries.  
We would love for you to partner with us.  God is calling those who are willing.

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